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Explore why Beaumont is Booming

While other places have investments in the millions, Beaumont and Southeast Texas’ investment is in the billions and continues to grow. With an abundance of industry in oil and gas, electricity, agriculture, and even retail, the Southeast Texas region is a promising location for businesses and corporations to establish themselves and develop as companies. The state of Texas offers unique tax incentives and financial opportunities, while offering land and development opportunities at a low price in Southeast Texas.

Why Beaumont

With $80 billion worth of current and planned industrial projects, more than $4.5 billion in infrastructure projects and more than $460 million in commercial and retail projects, the Greater Beaumont area is booming with economic activity. Highways, airport, rail, port and pipeline connectivity make Beaumont an attractive place to do business. A lower cost of living and a year-round outdoor climate makes Beaumont the ideal place to live.


                                            -Amy Pinnt, Director of Economic Development
                                                                Beaumont Chamber of Commerce 

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Seated along the Gulf Coast, near the lush landscape border of Louisiana 30 miles to our west and 90 miles east of Houston, businesses have access to more than 2.5 million people within a two-hour drive. Beaumont’s proven infrastructure and strategic location to the Neches River, Port of Beaumont, major rail systems, pipeline corridor and major highways makes it an ideal place for world class facilities that directly impact global industries.

Engineer in Factory

Our skilled workforce and support companies continuously add to our production qualities.  With a nationally recognized university for quality curriculum in town and three community colleges within 25 miles, the Southeast Texas workforce can meet the demands of our growing business and industrial communities.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Known as the museum capital of Texas because of the number of museums per capita, Beaumont has a thriving arts and entertainment scene. With an average temperature of 68.6 and a cost of living that is 7% below the national average, Beaumont offers numerous activities and events throughout the year—whether you like big outdoor adventures or if you prefer a different kind of pace, we have it all!

2023 Economic Development Report

The Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce publishes an annual report accompanied by the Beaumont Economic Development Foundation Report.

2023 City Budget

The City of Beaumont releases it annual budget and highlights the top priorities for the city in the coming year. 

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