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Beaumont is focused on wellness,
not just health

Health and Wellness

One of the top industries in the City of Beaumont is Healthcare. With Lamar University acting as an educational catalyst for skilled nurses, our Healthcare industry experiences exceptional care and service in this community. 


Alternative Medicince

Wellness is a lifestyle, and our community believes in prevention before intervention. Alternative medicine is a growing industry in the City of Beaumont. Holistic approaches, and non-invasive procedures are growing practices in Healthcare. 

Emergency Centers and Physical Therapy

Emergency Centers are also emerging in the City of Beaumont. After COVID-19, our hospitals helped us realize that they are not able to do everything and need supplementary help, especially in times of crisis. Multiple Emergency Centers have  joined our business community to care for the citizens of the city.

Beaumont is also no stranger to Physical Therapy or regenerative medicine. With a heavy emphasis on recreational and sport activity in our rural area, it is essential for world-class physical therapy and medicine to be available to those who reside in the city.  

Membership Directory

Community Needs Assessment

The Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory  includes our healthcare provides, practicioners, and hospitals.

Hospitals are required to publish a community health needs assessment each year. These assessments show the goals and objectives our City has in regard to addressing health needs.

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