Ana Pereda
Greater Beaumont Area Chamber of Commerce 
Vice President of Economic Development
About Me

With experience in small business development, financial services, and connections across industries, I focus on Business Attraction, Retention and Expansion. I advise companies looking to expand, relocate, and open in the Beaumont area, and I am a native Spanish speaker.

Contact Information

Phone:  (409) 838-6581

Address: 1110 Park Street,

Beaumont, TX, 77701

Beaumont boasts an annual average high of 78.3 °F (25.7 °C) and an annual average low of 58.9 °F (14.9 °C). Its average temperature is 68.6 °F (20.3 °C). The city also sees approximately 213 days of sunshine a year, and annual precipitation clocks in at approximately 60.4 inches (153.4 cm).


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